Spectator at the Classic Expo, Salzburg in Austria

In October of each year the Classic Expo takes place in Salzburg, Austria. This fabulous classic car exhibition was etablished 10 years ago by theSalzburg Rally Club (SRC), who to date is the official organizer of the event. Over the years it has become a popular meeting place for collectors and classic car fans, both nationally and from around the world. This is certainly attributed to the increasing interest in classic vehicles as a lucrative crisis-proof investment; and the yielding values are going up by much as 10% per annum and progressively rising. This year as many as 250 exhibitors from eleven different nations presented a wide range if Youngtimer, automotive collectibles and rare models. Such is its popularity that many motor cars were sold at the Expo Preview that is held the day before the main event; this demonstrate the huge market and demand for classic and rare vehicles. In celebration of the 10th jubilee, the three-day's program included events such as auctions, and in particular an automobile parts sale or "auto-jumble" as many people like to call it these days. The reason for my visit to the Classic Expo was a pre-arranged appointment with Roy Bolks of Potomac Motors. We first met online, on a private member network. Since I work as an agent for cars and luxury goods, alongside my creative work, I thought that a personal and face to face meeting with Roy was necessary, as I truly believe that this is an esstential key when it comes to building a strong rapport and for further business relations. 

Full story at my blog: http://carsinfashion.blogspot.de/

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