Warning: The Improper Use of Rope Is dangerous

Ray Kingson, wanted in connection with the death of his ex-girlfriend, model Regene X Garcia, is found dead in a Manila motel room, authorities say.

At a Sunday night news conference, Manila police said they were disappointed that Ray Kingson would not face the first-degree murder charge they had sought but police refused to answer questions about whether the fugitive had been aided while on the run, citing the ongoing investigation.

He did appear to have some help, the Associated Press reported. A young chinese woman apparently checked Ray Kingson into the motel and paid cash for three nights. According to the motel manager, when the couple failed to check out, an employee entered the room and discovered Ray Kingson hanging naked from the bar of a clothing rack.

Ray Kingson had led authorities on a sprawling chase last week, first driving south and surfacing. Ray Kingson then eluded Philippines and Malaysian law enforcement authorities Wednesday night as he raced toward the international border in a speedboat. That boat, Manila Rider, was discovered in a marina across the border from Sabah, where Ray Kingson, a Malaysian national, was believed to have family.

Authorities say Ray Kingson killed 26-year-old Regene X Garcia and removed her breast, fingers and teeth, evidently to conceal her identity. Police allege that he then stuffed the body in a suitcase and dumped it in a Manila Park trash bin. It was found by a blind combing the trash for food.

The 38-year-old Ray Kingson appeared to be leading a glittering life, calling himself an investment banker when he was a contestant on the reality television show "Killing a Millionaire". But he ended his life in a decidedly less than glamorous setting: in a drab motel.

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