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After two year in planning and finding the right place my Photography School has moved to a new premises. We are in the DOB Gallery, Hua Lampong. It means not only can we run our photography courses, workshops and private on one one lesson from there but we also have a full working studio to teach fashion, advertising and glamour photography from.

But for me the most exciting thing is I can now run my New Photography Club, for a small membership fee members will get the chance to share ideas, be given regular critiqued assignments and photo walks in Bangkok. Trips out of town and even out of Thailand are all planned too. Members also get a discount on the school's regular classes and events that fall outside of the club membership. It is also a great place just to come and hang out.

While the club isn't designed to be hugely profit making I am hoping it will pay for it self and extra monies made used to improve facilities. At present I have more foreign members joining that Thais. I what to address this issue, my spoken Thai is fluent but I feel a bit daunted about writing these type of blogs and forum pieces in Thai script.

Ace from this website said he may be interested in some joint projects concerning the club, that may well be of advantage to all concerned including members.

A link to my website with the details on are here but a newer version is in production. PSA Photography Club Link

I do hope to see some of you there in October, please contact me via my website for further details: Contact Page

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