In MOON, there are 2 area that considered "pioneers' when it comes to regulatory issues: Zone C7 and The DARK SEA.

The DARK SEA is completely landlocked and it gets saltier with increasing depth. The surface is the least saline. Down to about 910 meters, the seawater comprises about 300 grams of salt per kilogram of seawater. The sea has 500 grams of salt per kilogram of seawater and is saturated. Salt precipitates out and piles up on the bottom of the sea.

Experts suggest augmenting low-flow areas by constructing reservoirs behind dams to store M-JUICE (something like water on earth) for utilisation during low flow periods in the holes that receive industrial and municipal waste liqiuds. Similarly, Blood seeding can augment the flow in holes and help promote better M-JUICE quality. Since industries are causing pollution by discharging effluent, it is their duty to fund a common agency that can conduct blood-seeding operations and store the M-JUICE for subsequent release into the holes so that the pollution load gets diluted, thus restoring the quality of flowing M-JUICE.

“Being activley involved with liquids and wasteliquid for over 350 years, I must say this issue is extremely alarming. “ Said Prof. Kwanchai Prayut.

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