30 October 2010

It has been a long while I have not been keeping writing in this blog I have created months ago. Actually there is only one post in here and two if count this one.

I have to admit that I already forgot I have this blog. I came to realized when I glanced this in Interpals site which I am a member of it.

So this is a great opportunity to start over again.

Well, I guess it is almost a year now I could tell from a first and only blog that stated that it was a Loykrathong festival which takes place in November every year. It is a festival in a monsoon season. And this fest is a round the corner.

Now my life is overwhelmed with workloads and I am having a difficult time to keep up my breath… is not fun at all.

Often times we keep doing thing without realize what it is about and why we have to do it and it is necessary or not even essentialness we never question that.

It seems like we work with half awake. We are not working with fully awake if we are fully awakened we will work with happiness.

But most people do not realized about it at all. We keep doing thing that is not essential for our daily living………………

I would like to have my life out of this circle. I have been figuring it out how…..

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