Behind the scene from my latest shoot at my studio in Downtown LA (Michael Chevas with Jasmine Villegas)

Please come and see more if you like behind the scene footage of the shoot


This is amazing up and coming big singer 15 year-old, Jasmine Villegas!

More to come Krup. I am so new to Portfolios*Net. Fark Nuea Fark Tua duay na krup. Also Add me too :)

Equipments on the shoot that day;
-Canon 1Ds Mk3
-Pocket Wizzard Plus radio slave
-Canon 24-7mm EF L, 70-200mm 2.8..
-2Dynalite 2000w/s power packs ,4 heads
-2 medium shimera
-2 umbrellas
Very easy set up straight on. The art director wants to keep it clean very flat and young. No sexy stuff. Nothing too fashiony.

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