I started Bellydance class at rumPUREE World Dance Studio in 2006. I know I started dancing at my 30's but at the time I thought it was better than never! My hard work paid off and I was very quickly became a member of rumPUREE dance company. I have given a chance to instruct Bellydance classes, first with Oriental Style then later on American Tribal Style and recently Tribal Fusion.

Even though I started off with Belly Dance oriental style and lovin' it but my passion is in American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion Bellydance has been increasing rapidly, partly it is because I have been so lucky to have met and trained by many master teachers such as Sharon Kihara (USA), Ariellah (USA), Samantha Emanuel (UK - Belly Dance Super Stars), Kaeshi (USA -Belly Dance Super Stars / BellyQueen), Anasma (France), Sammy Abdo (Egypt) and many more

I have also had cross training in other dance style such as Hip Hop, Lyrical Jazz and Afro Caribbean etc. with many instructors from all over the world. Dance has helped me in many levels and it has become one of my biggest passions in life. I know most of the people look at dance as another type of "exercise" BUT to me (and many others) Dance has more than meet the eye. It is creativity, imaginative, communicative, soul searching, spiritual, and list can go on. 


This blog is just a little of me and the dance world in a nutshell. :-) I hope you all are having a wonderful day. 


Until Next time



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