Hi, every one!
I just joined portfolios after hearing about the site from a friend. Glad that we (Thais) have such a site on our own, a site for artist or art inclined. There're so many sites out there and I have also posted to many of them, but nothing is more heartening than knowing that there's one by Thai and for Thais.. great job.
Yes, I am a Thai and excuse me for typing in E instead of T. First, I think it's time we Thais, especially more so in art sphere, should make ourselves more visible internationally. Secondly, we we don't start, we'll never make changes or progress. Therefore, even our English is not perfect, no one is! we must take this opportunity to improve, the only way to get better is to start now.
Third, we are sharing our interest in arts, painting, drawings etc, so, let's not be limited by the written materials, it's our work that we want to share. English accompanying our work is truly secondary, if not THIRDLY! And finally, my typing in Thai is helpless. It would take me ages to go any where. so, kindly excuse my English posting.
But really, it's time we Thais get more serious on international platform. When, if not NOW!

By the way, I am glad to see and learn from so many outstanding works from the group. I am not an artist but certainly have lots of interet to go!
I call myself an art student to Arjan Aree Soothipunt, the pioneer educator in art field and especially in watercolor. I have no formal art training even with Aj Aree but mainly from casual art class invented by him as Leisure Art. In a small class at and when both parties' convenience and the aim is purely for leisure and interest's sake.

I shall be delighted to be part of this art community and would like to thank all in advance for sharing your good works here. I look forward to seeing more and learning more from all.
I would also most glad to be in touch with every one here, I surely appreciate all your contact and comments, both in Thai and English of course. Please feel free to get in touch, thanks.

My posting below are some gesture drawing conducted by Arjarn Aree in one of his Leisure Art classes.
"Nude" The Gestures. Watercolor and mixed media on paper. 11x22 in

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I love the colours in your drawing. By The way, gesture drawing is my favorite.
Thank you for posting them, wish to see more of your figurative sketchings, Atmind.


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