About Our Team "Happio"
- Why we come to work?: Happiness & Great Work.
- How we work?: Open Communication, Co-Creation and Continuous Improvement.
- What we do?: Creative Digital x Activation Marketing for Thai & CLMV Market. (Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar, Vietnam)

Detailed Job Description 

  • Get brief from client, AE and planner.
  • Can study to understand client’s branding. 
  • Identify needed data and insights to do the creative work.
  • Refine and craft brand communication and key message. 
  • Think about the creative idea to connect the brand with the target.
  • Create the creative materials with graphic & content team to reach KPI. 
  • Can create VDO storyboard.
  • Can manage the VDO production team to deliver high quality creative VDO for client. In all process from pre-production, production to post production.  (Will need to out on shooting day with the production team.) 


  • Experience in Creative for at least 1 Year. 
  • Understand basic principle of marketing and branding. 
  • Understand both Online and Offline marketing. 
  • Likes to keep up with the current trend. 
  • Likes to observe human behavior.
  • Likes to work in team.
  • Responsible and can deliver work on time. 
  • Can work in English. 
  • Can present the creative idea and execute it. 

Preferable > สนใจในตลาด CLMV

สถานที่ทำงานใกล้ BTS Surasak 
สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม admin@happioteam.com 084-770-8889

เงินเดือน 20,000-30,000 บาท 

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