I'd like to invite everybody to take part in my idea.
I've just moved to Bangkok and know nobody here.
I want to meet creative, active, open-minded people. My idea is to organize office (or studio) for such people, so we could just work together in one place, to make our work more interesting and colorful. Artists, designers, photographers, film makers, anybody are welcomed!

About myself: originally I'm from Kazakhstan, I've been doing lots of things in my life: I was working as photographer, I'm author of several art projects in my country, I was working as a light designer in contemprorary theater, I had my design studio etc. My main occupation now are microstocks. I was making vector illustrations for them before. And now I start to make photo works for them. You can check my portfolio: http://www.shutterstock.com/g/tondee

I think the idea is really inspiring and want to know your opninion :)

P.S. that would be really great if somebody could translate this text ion thai language...

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I think your english is ok which i've got it.
Wheare are your office? Can i see it?
i think you might start at small office with some budgets.
I have no office yet. I work at my appartment now. So, that's why I collect people to rent space all together.
I think it can be called "office"
because I did internship for graphic design company.
you know, company's owner rent apartment for small office too.
it's compatible.
Yes, but I prefer to separate my living place from working place. And I like to communicate with people.
he do too.
Can we join with him?
I think we can't.
the business is different which you should have your own office.
because he has already had three people to work for him
and the room is so fit for few people.When I did internship,
I had to do work in the small living room with other friends.
(he has living room(meeting room) and bedroom(office)

I can help u if you need and if i can
where r u now ? do you have co-workers for your company ?
I'm working alone at the moment. I live near On Nut BTS


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