Sri Lanka, November 2010.

When most of us were celebrating Christmas 2004, a devastating tsunami hit the coast of the island of Sri Lanka, leaving 35,000 deaths and thousands more missing and displaced. The paradise became a nightmare for most people in the affected regions. Coasts devastated, houses turned into dust and a mixture of metals and wood. Dead bodies float in the water. It was an Incomplete sentence heavy disaster for this Indian Ocean island. However, the great wave (from the Japanese tsu, ''port'' or ''harbour'' and nami, ''wave''; It literally means big wave in harbour), coincided with a devastating war.

There's almost three decades of war between the government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE forces (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), which caused, like the tsunami, thousands of dead and displaced (about 300,000 according to United Nations). Displaced people, which nowadays continue packing the different camps that are spread around Northern regions of the island. According to the government, 70/80% of displaced people will be resettled by the end of 2009.

The vast majority came from Tamil, an ethnic minority in Sri Lanka. Tamil person is the native group that formed the defeated LTTE army, which fought for the creation of an independent state in the northeast of the island (Jaffna peninsula, Trincomalee city and surroundings) and also fought for the rights of the Tamil population.

Difficulties of many NGOs to work in the area, impossibility of press (local and international) to document what happens in these IDP’s camps, nuisances for people, which is close to these areas. The Sinhalese army has these areas under control, avoiding the presence of external actors. The government established the so-called High Security Zones (HSZ's) in early 80s; areas where exist military installations, which are strongly monitored. Government draws slowly what’s happening around different refugee camps. Biased information, controlled and strongly calculated.

Sri Lanka has suffered too much in recent decades: war, natural disasters, political instability. After the war, and practically recovered from the tsunami, a new panorama is presented to the people of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan people are a Incomplete sentence population with longing for stability and welfare, with optimism but with too many uncertainties. A country under tight control of law forces. A country currently held by a president who is actually branded a dictator. Still is an uncertain future for Sri Lanka after the war.

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