Abundant Blessings for All Holy Days

Coming Soon Wealth Abundance Riches

Prayers and Praises To Haiti From Ikanukan

May God’s holy and divine protection, healings, wholeness , restoration , wisdom and prosperity rest heavily and mightily on; the nation’s people, power structure, homes, families and those reaching into the land giving help and hope and love. To those in our prayers and hearts may you forever be in the Kingdom of God and walk in the Love, Peace and Joy of the Lord God.

Good’s Intensive Care

God’s Insurance Plan


Prayer Tabernacle

Music Psalms Praise JAMM Projects

Prayer Prayer Prayer

Word of God for Word of God for Word of God for
Assessment Health Wealth for Nervous System

Identify your purpose,
Goals, mission…

Write the vision and make it plain.

2. Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

be prepared to leave your comfort zone and put yourself out there.
Become Wealthy

Build a business around a million dollar making idea. Brand it and go to market. Study sales, speaking and deliver the promise.

2. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Instruct your brain on quality thinking and on what to think, learn and hear.

CREAMSIN Money Personality
© by Dorothy Anderson

Live Blessed and Prosperous Holy Days

Believer’s Confessions
Dorothy Anderson

Have A blessed prosperous Christian Reward

1. Challenges
2. Heritage
3. Relationships
4. Inspiration
5. Security
6. Truth

3John 2 Beloved, I wish above all things that you PROSPER and be in health...


She's a Proverbs lady reaching out to a world
Strength honor she has for standing on the word.
She's a lady of faith
walking in grace.
Her work is never done.
Her wisdom is from the Kingdom
Talking about the Proverbs 31 lady.

(C)2000 by Dorothy Anderson


I can do all things through Christ which
strengthens me.
This is the time. The time is now.
This is the season. The season is due.
I can climb mountains. I can do it all.
I can win battles. I can do it all.
(c)1999 by Dorothy Anderson

Three Godly Women
There were three Godly women who feared the Lord.
They listened to the Spirit within.
They were guided, taught and comforted..
They were Godly and they believed. They believed God's Word.

© apr 2002 all rights reserved Dorothy Anderson

In Memory Of Mom

Thank God for the one
That held you in her arms.
Bless their feet.
Dry their tears.
Love their voice.
(1998) by Dorothy Anderson www.ikanukan.com

God Be With You

When friends forsake you.
When doctors don’t know what to do.
Prayer warriors are no longer true.
Take your pain, hurt and diseases To the lord in prayer
For critical needs; For critical hurts and critical diseases
You can tarry there; In

© 2000 all rights reserved by Dorothy Anderson

The kingdom of God is in you. You are not alone. There’s an earth song. The Arch Angel Michael speaks. There may be black and white. Know that God is love. There are Faces ®. There are; SpiritSpaces®. Have a divine mind ® and do your spiritwork® in God.

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved

Jason Lamar Ellison
God’s Gracious Gift

Genius Insightful Fruitful Thoughtful

Our Beloved did his spiritwork with excellence.
Blessed are GOD’S Gifted for our Lord has prepared a special place for them. There they shall forever know freedom in GOD’S Kingdom.

The Protocols
Bonus Gift to You

Megapower Megadream Megavision and more

The SPIRIT of the Lord is Up On me; Kingdom Power, Principles, Paths, Practices, Prosperity, Promises and Patterns causing the manifestation of realities of wealth, abundance and riches according to the pattern/matrix of power working/flourishing in me.

Live your life through the COVENANT, WORD and POWER.

You are the chosen. Blessed and prosperous are ALL the works(believed acts of faith) of your mind/hands.
Realities are composed by the matrices of power.Manifest your lifework(promised cdsor purpose, mission, calling and destiny).
Abundant Thanks
For further information send e-mail to
visit www.ikanukan.com
Get answers to questions and support.
Connect especially if you know you’re God’s Gracious Gift and have special knowledge from God's Anointed Presence or what you’ve read is of value.
Connect to go to the next level and experience a life of excellence.

Visit D. Anderson at www.ikanukan.com

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