When friends forsake you.
When doctors don’t know what to do.
Prayer warriors are no longer true.
Take your pain, hurt and diseases To the lord in prayer
For critical needs; For critical hurts and critical diseases
You can tarry there; In

© 2000 all rights reserved by Dorothy Anderson

The kingdom of God is in you. You are not alone. There’s an earth song. The Arch Angel Michael speaks. There may be black and white. Know that God is love. There are Faces ®. There are; SpiritSpaces®. Have a divine mind ® and do your spiritwork® in God.

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved

Jason Lamar Ellison
God’s Gracious Gift

Genius Insightful Fruitful Thoughtful

Our Beloved did his spiritwork with excellence.
Blessed are GOD’S Gifted for our Lord has prepared a special place for them. There they shall forever know freedom in GOD’S Kingdom.

The Message

For Critical Times, Critical Healings and Critical Needs

Speak The Word

By Dorothy Anderson © All Rights Reserved

A Way

Total Restoration, Health and Healing
This presentation offers an approach to helping and understanding those who may be critically ill. Sometimes their situations may not be clear. Questions are asked but, there are no answers.
Read this information. Stand on the Word of God. Put God first. Pray and keep praying. Prayer is Powerful.
God's Intensive Care promotes boldness and courage. Review the outline provided. Get the words of Jesus in your heart. Give special attention to He Speaks and A Word. Think restoration, health, and healing. This is in the covenant. God can move mountains of disease, sickness, poverty, lack or sickness.
We are spirit, living in a body and have a soul. Let your spirit be in control. Grow up in the Lord. Jesus is the healer of every system, organ and cell of your body.
Pray for the environment and its surroundings. Pray for basic body needs and functions. Pray for procedures and for the delivery of proper care. Pray for supporters,staff and providers.
Desire to be in good health. Your total restoration, health, and healing glorify God. When all fails, God is with you. His love provides for and protects you. Let him dwell in your spirit.
Read the case presentation. Appreciate that physical intervention is a must as well as spiritual. May you be blessed; health and healing restored. Walk with God.


Health and Healing of; Spirit Body Soul
Critical Care Needs:Tools and Instruments Resources Scriptures;: restoration and healing.
Spirit: Holy Spirit, God's Word, Kingdom of God. Renew a right spirit in us Lord. Become spiritually motivated.
Body: Be a new creation in Christ. Put your body under your spirit. DNA, genes, cells, tissues, organs, systems, senses. Growth and development; one cell, many cells, trillion cells/the body. Inside the womb or uterus. Birthing and inner healing. Passage into the outside world.
Soul: Mind, will, emotions. Prayer, praise, worship Psalms/songs. Miracle; Let God work it out. Kingdom Keys; The Lord reigns, God in you.
Tools and Instruments: Intravenous fluids, monitors, ventilators, antiembolic boots, cooling blanket, mattresses, feeding tubes, medications, staff, Strategies of Success (SOS).
Resources: Try them in critical times. Call on God; He's always there. Power in praise, prayer and Worship. Read the Bible. Kingdom Keys; God's words; statutes; prayer
Ps 139...Goal: In his likeness; Ps 103:3..healeth all thy diseases; God does. Jer 33:6..Behold I will bring it health and cure; and will give u them the abundance of peace and truth. Mark 9:23
A Word

Jesus Speaks
Speak to the Mountain & Remove Disease

Intensive Prayer

The need is for intensive prayer, God's intensive care adopts the definite position that we have a right to total restoration, health and healing.

Inner Healing

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Lift up your hands, your face and voice. Dear God only you know what's in my heart. Please renew my strength, restore my soul and make me a new creation.
© all rights reserved by Dorothy Anderson

Abundant Thanks
For further information send e-mail to
visit www.ikanukan.com
Connect especially if you know you’re God’s Gracious Gift and have special knowledge from God's Anointed Presence or what you’ve read is of value.

May you, your family and friends have abundant and prosperous Holy Days all your lives.

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