Building Websites with Flash Animation or with Flash

Websites are informative yet there is an art to there creation. The designs are thought

out and functional while they can entertain us. Art is definitely a part of their creation. There are

thousands and thousands of different type of websites but some are designed with animation.

Animation can make a website more interesting and it does not need to be in 3D or in a Cartoon style.

Just a little animation on your website goes a long way. There is no need for a lot of moving icons and

pictures and for the Web Designer that can be a very good thing. Having graphics and animation on

web page seems to make it complete for the visual effects but you do not want a design that is to busy.

Flash Animation can be used to design and create a website. It can also be used to create the tab buttons for

your website as well. Flash can be fun if you haven't tried it, TRY IT!

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