Have you ever asked God about what’s happening in your life? Do you ever blame God because of the bad things that you’ve encountered? Well, I am telling you, everything in this world has a specific purpose.

Sometimes, you might think that the purpose of a single think is bad. But as time goes by, you’ll realize that what you think is not good will the one to save you. I am a 22 year old girl who lived in Scotland. But before I reached this age, I encountered a lot of downsides.

Let me tell you a story. This is not just a simple story. Actually this is based from real life. And how can you say that? It’s because this story is actually my story.

I remembered that was October 1996. We lived in a simple home here in Dundee Scotland. My father is a full time office staff in a company near at home. While on the other hand my mother is always busy managing her wholesale clothing business in Aberdeen.

I was first year high school at that time my two younger brothers were left in the house together with our nanny. I remembered when my father tells me about US. According to him, we’ll go to US once we have sufficient money to meet our needs.

Until one day, I was surprised because everyone in the family was happy. In contrast with my idea, I have no idea that my parents are planning to go to US before the end of the year. And course, I’m very excited at that time because it was my first time to go to US.

However, two weeks before the flight, my brother Jim was accidentally bitten by a dog. As a result, the family’s dreams were dashed.

My father was so disappointed because it was also his dream to go to US. Instead, we’re in the hospital to watch out for my brother’s situation. And because of the possibility of rabies, we’re all quarantined.
My father was cursing GOD because of the misfortune happened to my brother…

However, a day after our flight to US was canceled the whole Scotland was shocked with the news --- A PLANE going to US crashed! Supposed to be we were on that plane but thanks to my brother. And thank GOD above all.

On that day, I saw my father hugged my younger brother. He thanks my brother for saving the whole family. He also thanks GOD –Tragedy was turned into blessing.

While my father is reading magazine and while my mom is busy with her wholesale clothing stuffs, I am on my bedroom realizing all the things – it was too fast!

Yes, there are things that we may not understand. But always bear in mind that all things happen for a reason! And only God knows all these things.

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