An afternoon with Tiger girls, an Ang Moh and witnessing a nation of pride

It was after the fireworks that people started clapping and cheering. Everyone was euphoric, even I. The National Day Parade and Singapore's 45th birthday set in the historic Padang grounds. I was tasked by my client Tiger Airways to shoot their activation effort "Flash and Fly". So together with 5 Tiger girls and my colleague Phil, we roamed the periphery of the NDP celebration grounds. Of course, the girls got all the attention, especially from the Bangladeshis who are more than willing to have their pictures taken. The free ticket vouchers, all 45 of them, also sounded good to them I suppose.

A group of stunning Caucasian ladies then asked me to lie on my back and shoot them from below. It was weird being surrounded by 8 lovely girls doing the "Tiger claw thing" and the fact that most of them wore short skirts, you know Singapore being hot, humid and all. We then went to the Esplanade theatre where we were stopped by police. We didn't have permit to go that far so we backed away. Next stop was Boat Quay area where there were a lot of people, young and old, families and friends joining in the celebration. My officemate Phil was really happy with the crazy shots we took. He wanted even crazier ones. I overheard someone saying she'd take her shirt off to win the voucher. Hhhhmmm.Then the fireworks capped the wonderful day.

Although I wanted to be inside to see the actual celebration, we never got the chance because we needed to go around and do our work. Which is much better because here I stood witness to Singapore's pride as a nation. The diversity of cultures is awe-inspiring. People of all races in one area having a great time, doing whatever things they could think of or just plainly sitting on the grassy part of a park while enjoying the food and snacks they brought. It was simple, nothing glamorous from a country that boasts one of the world's largest number of millionaires. We were all there, looking up as the multi-coloured offering painted the night. Pride was in the air.

Happy 45th birthday Singapore!

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