I arrived at 430am in our new house. I couldn’t sleep.Maybe it was the excitement of being in a new place. Maybe it was the realisation that this will be our home for many years where moments of happiness, sadness and hopefulness will be shared. Or maybe it is because I knew that I have barely 4 days to be with my wife and my son. It was his birthday when I arrived; it was also at this time that he was born. The time when I first saw Gabriel and hear him cry quite loudly, it startled everybody in the operating room. I was breathless when I first saw him. It was like being a little boy once again, seeing for the first time the huge expanse of a strawberry field. It was a mix of emotions. I kissed my little boy, who was still fast asleep, lightly on his forehead and whispered to him how I missed him so much. I hugged my wife tightly trying to make up for the days of not being physically together though in spirit we know we are one. I looked out the window and saw the sun peeking out, standing witness to our moment. Since sleep was far from my consciousness I went to our balcony to greet the morning sun. In my moment of inspiration and restlessness, I tried to capture its rising which was a predictable event; a complete opposite of the unpredictability in man’s life - though both beautiful and equally breathtaking.

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