An illustration for NINH brand, New York Fashion Week 2011 (Autumn/Winter '11/12)
The Autumn/Winter 2011 NINH collection brings back the old with the new. It focuses on men’s fashion from the early 1900’s and adds a fresh twist to it. The modern hipster meets the dandy. For this collection, The main colorways combine black, grey, and navy , in addition to white, royal purple, and royal red.

Because of the men's fashion, I decided to focus on men's activities such as sports, vehicle, technology, and music. Eventually, I chose the vehicle and represented with a car because it is the most obvious and detailed, containing shiny parts and elegant also. The 1900's is so long from now as if time is always flying, so I used a pocket watch as a background to say about the time because it looks old and valuable to keep with yourself like you are always carrying the time with yourself and seeing how the time flies with your eyes. I just simplified the watch to make the picture looks not too heavy and more modern.

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