Which is the best camera for frist D-SLR camera? Nikon D90 or Canon eos?

Hi all, I am looking to buy my frist D-SLR camera. I have been told and read many times on the internet that the 2 main big boys for todays cameras are Canon and Nikon. I was also told that for my frist camera i should buy a Nikon, maybe a D60, 80 or 90? I have seen a new D60 for 20,000 baht, is this a good price in Thailand? Or should i go second hand? I was told that this is not a good idear here as there is always something wrong with the lenes and then this can be a problem and will cost me more in the long-run? Please any help with any of the above topics will be greatly appricated, many thanks, T ; )

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You are not only choosing the camera, but also the system too. First of all, I would like to say that the brand and the model is only equipment. Just only one part in the process to get the picture. Don't listen to anyone who told you that for portrait must be this brand, that brand best for landscape. That's nonsense if you really know picture-making process.

My recommendation is, go to the camera shop yourself, try some camera model you have in mind, the best you should buy is the one that you are happy about the feel, the controlling all the function you use, easy to worrk with. Etc.

Hope this help
I am using Macintosh, is this a problem with Nikon or Canons?
not a problem, am using Mac too.

one thing real in the technology world, you pay more you gain more, and of course including the DSLR's world... the price range of D60 and D90 is quite different in double, so the one that you can go for might considered from your budget. from my view, D90 will be the good choice for amateur - serious photographer in long-run if you can afford that price.

Something you should know about warranty
- Warranty has 2 types
1. Warranty by the Camera brand itself (you can buy it from the authorized dealers) - normally the price will be higher than (2) (not so sure how much for additional, may be +3,000-5,000 baht), For this type you'll have the service warranty for your camera for 1 year with no charge (almost cases) and also you still have some discount of service charge after the warranty period has ended.

2. Warranty by the shop - mostly lowest price, the warranty period & conditions covered by the shop you've bought - generally, that's ok, just pray & hope that you're not the lucky one who bought the defected camera... **ask the shop for more service cases & conditions

- The second hand might be the valuable for money choice, but not recommend if you're not familiar with DSLR before

The entry level of DSLR for both Canon & Nikon at the same price range are almost the same overall specification and both can do the same another one can do... My suggestion is go to the shop and try both, then select the one that good handling for you....

good luck...
hi Indigo, Thanks so much for your comments. by the way, which Canon is the equal version of the Nikon D80 or D90? I was told it is Canon eso d500 and d100, this is true?
I would personally go for the D90, as it is what I will be getting as soon as I scrape enough cash together. I've played around with both the D90 and the Canon equivalent, and even though I have always been pro Nikon, it just reinforced it. I like the way the D90 sits in my hands, how easily I can access the buttons and shortcuts.

In the end it is up to you to see what you like more. One note however, most Asians will always recommend you Canon. Why this is the case I am still trying to figure out....


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