All Videos Tagged สามเสน (PORTFOLIOS*NET) - PORTFOLIOS*NET 2020-08-07T20:59:44Z Nokia Beyond The Boundaries TVC,2011-07-05:2988839:Video:1758630 2011-07-05T07:07:05.565Z Dhanus Samsen <a href=""><br /> <img alt="Thumbnail" height="180" src=";width=240&amp;height=180" width="240"></img><br /> </a> <br></br>Directed by Dhanus SAMSEN<br></br> <br></br> Director of Photography<br></br> Natthaphon Sakulvanaporn<br></br> <br></br> Produced by:<br></br> Vorrapitcha RATTANAPASERT<br></br> Sita LERTJARUDEH<br></br> <br></br> Based on original concept by<br></br> Dhanus SAMSEN<br></br> <br></br> MUSIC USED<br></br> Don't Stop Believing (Cover) by JAZZA<br></br> <br></br> Thanks<br></br> Charmnanvudh Vancharoen for the deeo V.O.<br></br> Sita's… <a href=""><br /> <img src=";width=240&amp;height=180" width="240" height="180" alt="Thumbnail" /><br /> </a><br />Directed by Dhanus SAMSEN<br /> <br /> Director of Photography<br /> Natthaphon Sakulvanaporn<br /> <br /> Produced by:<br /> Vorrapitcha RATTANAPASERT<br /> Sita LERTJARUDEH<br /> <br /> Based on original concept by<br /> Dhanus SAMSEN<br /> <br /> MUSIC USED<br /> Don't Stop Believing (Cover) by JAZZA<br /> <br /> Thanks<br /> Charmnanvudh Vancharoen for the deeo V.O.<br /> Sita's family (the casts)<br /> <br /> This video has nothing to do with Nokia whatsoever, I just love their phones.